Real Estate


The biggest investment most people will make is to purchase a home.  You will invest hundreds of thousands of dollars.  You want an attorney who is experienced in all types of real estate matters and properties.

You want an attorney who not only understands the real estate law but also the mortgage process, requirements, and programs, as well as title issues that may arise.

As part of any purchase, you may be required to place a deposit of funds in excess of $10,000.  Not having the proper representation could place the deposit at risk.  With this possibly being the biggest investment in your lifetime, you need a lawyer with the experience and knowledge to properly represent you.


Time to sell your house and move on to either a bigger or smaller house or a new location.  Not sure of any tax implications.  What if you have a two family and have or have not been taking tax deduction, could you have capital gain implications?  What if the sales price far exceeds what you paid for the house?  Trust these decisions to an experienced real estate attorney.  What if you have capital gains that is not exempt of taxes?  (SEE 1031 Exchange)


Rates are at all time lows.  What is a good savings for a refinance?  Most people think that you need to save 1 percentage or 2 percentage point.  For many people this is not true.  Do you have to pay the mortgage tax all over again?  Is there an advantage to refinancing with the same bank or a new bank?  Do you have enough income or assets to refinance?  Did the value of your house drop too much to refinance?  Do you qualify for any of the new programs?  Our office has the extensive experience to advise you in this area.

1031 Exchange

If you are selling investment properties or even a 2 family house that you have included the 2nd family as an investment, do you want to pay income tax on the gain now or later.  There is program called 1031 exchange will allows you to sell an investment property, and within a period of time, purchase another investment property and defer the capital gains tax for period of time.  Do not let the process of whether you qualify or not to an inexperienced attorney?


Your Home May Be the Largest Investment You Will Ever Make, Why Skimp on the Person Responsible for Protecting The Asset During The Purchase, Sale, or Refinance

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